Fashionable Maternity Wear

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We've started our mission by dressing up fabulous baby bumps with cute maternity wear,

but we're bringing style and flair to all the beautiful moments of your lives!  

We're here to sass up your wardrobe with women's apparel that makes you feel pretty

with a little shoulder here, a bow or two there, a ruffle, some sparkle and of course lots and lots of roses!

It's a lifestyle brand in the making.

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Grizel Chachi del Valle, Elias Pescador

Matters of the Heart -  Here's where you can Lend a Helping Hand

Fun, Sassy, Sexy & Chic Style

" Where people are suffering, help is needed. "

Paper Roses

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Put your 2 cents in.  Pon tu granito de arena.  Lend a helping hand.

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Are you finding it difficult to keep your personal style during your pregnancy?

Betheny Frankel's cause, bstrong, donate, delivering good

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We've got you!

Puerto Rico continues to need your help.  PRFI is helping to provide relief to those impacted by hurricane Maria 

Handmade for You

Here are a few organizations we think are making a great effort and a great contribution for families and especially children:

baby bump and all!

NJ Baby Expo November 4 2018, LaDi with a BaBy, NJ Expo, NJ Mom, LaDi by Laura Diaz

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Clothing and Accessories

Autism Speaks is committed to providing the autism community with resources to meet each person and family's unique needs throughout every stage of life.

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LaDi          |

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A  Designer's Touch

Go ahead and keep your

Bethany Frankel's organization provides a helping hand to disaster victims worldwide.