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My Merry Christmas, Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera

Talking about Ladi with a Baby with the beautiful Victoria Sosa at Acceso Total show on Telemundo was such a great experience, and our first ever tv interview!

Fearless Fest Event in NYC is an event put together by Women You Should Know

It was created to inspire and motivate, as well as empower women.  And that, it did!

It featured all-women panels, instructors and makers.  We were there with We are Women Owned, an organization of all women-owned businesses, at the market place where you could purchase unique products and learn more about each of our businesses.

It was a beautiful crowd and an overall fun experience! 



Latina Made not Maid event Soy Mas was fabulous!  

There was art, there was fashion, there was poetry, music, food, latinas  and all the things wonderful in life!

LaDi in Be Chic Mag
Mi Alegre Navidad, Melodias del Corazon, Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera

I got to be a part of the exhibit with this piece inspired by our culture and our fight for equality.  Read more about my inspiration here.

Online giveaway LaDi with a BaBy


... And my big photo op with her!

​All pictures taken by the fabulous Tes Barnett of Runway Life International.


Latina Made NOT Maid is an organization that has set out to change the way latinas are perceived in the general media.  They also create and sell items with their bold message on Etsy to support the cause and raise money to provide scholarships to first generation latinas.  Learn more about them here.

Hi, let's meet!

Jessica Flores of Domesticated Me wearing LaDi with a BaBy

Check out her videos below and her beautiful lifestyle website

Melodies of the Heart, poetry book, poecia

Amazing feature on the Empress Avenue website from the lovely Talia Beckett seen here in the Rose Quartz Long Sleeve top with Tie.  Doesn't she look precious in this?  Thank you for the support!  Read the article here.


Wait.  What's under that coat?


This original song can be purchased here in English and Spanish.

Behind the Scenes shot

Marissa Torres talks LaDi with a BaBy

Meet beautiful mama Viancey!

She's wearing our ruffle sleeve top on her awesome lifestyle blog.  Read it here.

At Latina Made NOT Maid:

I got the opportunity to write a little bit of my story, my passion for fashion and why I love what I do.

Read the article >

Come see our merch in person!  We will have clothes, accessories, baby stuff, gifts and more!

My favorite collection of the night:

Marlene H Couture

was just mesmerizing!



Marlene H Couture


Latina Made Not Maid on North Bergen dot com

Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera is a Dominican poet whose incredible published works include books  like Contrast of Two Cities, Inspirations of the Soul and, most recently, Melodies of the Heart.  Both of the latter books include poems that she turned into songs that I had the honor to sing and record.  The songs were Anthem to the Fathers and My Merry Christmas and both were recorded in English and in Spanish.

Check out the links above, 

and visit her website to learn more about her work here.


Domesticated Me in LaDi with a BaBy


My good friend Erika was great company.

Fun mini clip!

Mommy that's you!


Flower LaDi and Latina Made not Maid
Rose Quartz Maternity Top

Available on Amazon, buy it here

Attending Uptown Fashion Week event in NYC