Fun fact about our name:

LaDi is an acronym of the designer's first and last name and it is pronounced "lady".

(in case you were wondering)

Handmade Maternity Clothes, Tops and Dresses at LaDi with a BaBy

I had to stop and  breastfeed throughout the day when I first started!

Everything in the shop is designed


 handmade by me.

LaDi with a BaBy, Maternity Clothes, Maternity Fashion, Babies

​​A lifestyle brand in the making. LaDi is a womenswear brand that celebrates the beauty of everyday life with great style and flair.

LaDi with a BaBy is just the beginning.  It is a collection of fun, modern, designer clothes that are maternity friendly.  It is meant to be worn by women, through their pregnancies and beyond.

The LaDi brand as a whole, was created for women looking to express their personal style by wearing special pieces to special places.  Pieces that are beautifully made, elegantly hint at her sexy side and exhibit her femininity in the most effortless way.  This collection is made to enhance the experience of social gatherings from day to night by making her feel like the most beautiful version of herself.

About the Designer.  Laura Diaz-Alberto has been inspired all her life by the nostalgic sentiment of a native country left behind, her beloved Dominican Republic.  She migrated with her family as a child and was raised and trained as a designer in New York City.  Instilled in her designs  is an homage to latin roots expressed in subtle and not-so-subtle details as well as in the use of bold colors and movement.  

About Us

I often work while watching these little guys too!

Maternity Clothes, Maternity Dresses, Maternity Tops LaDi with a BaBy

"I'm a big believer that with faith and hard work

you can really have it all.

For me, that 'all' is love, family, health and personal fulfillment.

I would like to inspire others to believe in that too!  If you follow your heart and do what you love, you will always be working towards being better.  And if you work towards being better, you will be carving your path to all the things you want and value."

Maternity Clothes, Maternity Fashion, Baby Items at LaDi with a BaBy
Handmade Maternity Clothes at LaDi with a BaBy
Maternity Clothes, Maternity Fashion, LaDi with a BaBy

Alessandro was the baby in my belly

when I started the maternity business!

Maternity Dresses, Maternity Tops, Maternity Fashion at LaDi with a BaBy

"My intention is to enhance the woman.  It is meant to allow her to make a silent statement about herself wherever she goes."

Handmade Maternity Clothes, Tops and Dresses at LaDi with a BaBy

And our lip print:

It's our way of leaving our big, colorful, feminine, bold mark on everything we do.

Maternity Clothes, Maternity Tops, Maternity Dresses, LaDi with a BaBy